Teesmouth Bird Club
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Teesmouth Bird Club: Five-Year Plan 2015-2019

( ) = Committee with Lead Role for Target*


Establish Members’ Views on Future Activities (M&MC)

-  Generate Questionnaire for members.

-  Allow each Committee to propose topics for inclusion. 

Maintain or Increase Club Membership (M&MC)

-  Continue with local publicity.

-  Review current offerings (meetings, outings, Bird Report, newsletters, website) in light of member questionnaire feedback.

-  Review and Update the TBC ‘Site Guides’ for members. 

Encourage More Junior Members (M&MC)

-  Approach schools/ youth groups re interest in ‘taster sessions’.

-  Encourage member volunteers as ‘guides’. 

Computerisation and Secure Storage of Bird Records (CC/RC)

-  Agree commercial/ confidentiality aspects with ERIC NE.

-  Arrange electronic transfer of data.

-  Maintain record of locations of and means of access to all Club data.

-  Continue to improve the Cleveland Bird Report 

Proactive Involvement in Conservation Matters (CC)

-  Act jointly with local established conservation bodies.

-  Utilise existing partnership relations.

-  Seek to influence Planning Consent conditions eg incorporation of swift nest holes in new builds.


Increase Member Participation in Local Survey Work (RC/CC)

-  Offer ‘shadowing’ of members on existing surveys eg WeBS, BTO.

-  Generate TBC projects to provide useful monitoring data eg by revisiting selected Breeding Birds of Cleveland ‘squares’. 

Projects (Tr)

-  Progress planning and construction of elevated hide at Dorman’s Pool.

-  Actively seek appropriate and affordable projects. 


Regular Review of Progress Towards Targets (Tr/CC/M&MC/RC)

-  Each Committee to Agenda a review at least annually.


*  CC = Conservation Committee, M&MC = Marketing & Membership Committee,    RC =  Records Committee, Tr = Board of Trustees.

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