Teesmouth Bird Club
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TEESMOUTH  BIRD  CLUB – Publications For Sale                            


The Breeding Birds of  Cleveland      £25.00  Plus p.&p. £5.00
Birdwatchers of Teesmouth 1600 to 1960
+£1 p.&p. 

Teesmouth Bird Reports 1958-1973 on a CD

Birds of
  Tees-side 1962-67  by Phil Stead          £5.00        
Birds of
  Tees-side 1968-1973 by Martin Blick   £5.00    
Cleveland Bird Reports

74 to 2004                 £3.00  each where available. (Out of print  1974, 1976, 1978 to 1988 on a CD)   Plus £1.00 for p.& p. per copy.                          
    Special Offer    £1.00 each (Plus £1.00 for P & P) 
2006 to 2009
                £5.00 each   Plus £1.00 for p.&p. per copy.
                             £7.50 each     Plus £1.00 for p.&p. per copy.

Barn Owl at RSPB Saltholme
 Print  @  £5  each     (Buy One  get One FREE)                                               

Cheques should be made payable to “Teesmouth Bird Club”
  with orders, and sent to:  John Fletcher,  43 Glaisdale Avenue, Middlesbrough, TS5  7PF.
   Please pass on unwanted copies of  Club publications to John, particularly those that are “Out of print”, so that  they can be resold to other members.   

A   BIG DISCOUNT  on orders over £20  (This does not apply to “The Breeding Birds of Cleveland”)                                                                          

J.Fletcher   j.fletcher666@btinternet.com    01642-818825



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