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This is the start of what will hopefully become a guide to Cleveland's birding locations. To start with I have added a couple of guides taken from old newsletters to give a basic format so all the articles look similair. Hopefully I will soon be able to add more guides from old newsletters but I first need to get them in word/electronic format so if you have written one and have it in that format please send it to me again. I have also added a lot of the info from the new members pack. Hopefully members will write more detailed guides for these locations.

We now need volenteers to write guides for the various areas they can send me electronically to james_duffie@hotmail.com and hopefully attach an electronic map and a couple of pictures I will then add to the guide.

Please note that all the articles do not need to be extensive - a few notes on a location, how to access it and what might be found is also welcome especially where there is no entry currently.

If you would like to write a guide to any area you watch please let me know and I will confirm nobody else is currently writing a guide for that area. Remember it is not only guides to the main areas we need but also any other area in Cleveland that you feel others may like to visit.

In addition feel free to send me any improved or updated info about any of these guides so we can keep them updated.

Some of the main areas we need guides writing for are as below but please contact me before writing anything as I will only occasionally update this list so one may already be in preparation:-

Hartlepool Headland  - detailed guide needed
Portrack Marsh
Coatham Marsh
Lockwood Beck
Guisborough Woods/Hutton Village

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