Teesmouth Bird Club
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TBC Records Committee 

The TBCRSC consists of the Recorder, Editor, Compilers (4), Ringing Officer and 4 ordinary members. The Recorder, Editor, Compilers, and Ringing Officer are appointed annually to their posts by the Teesmouth Bird Club Committee. Ordinary members serve for a maximum of 4 years. Each year the longest serving ordinary member resigns and is not eligible for re-appointment for at least 12 months. When vacancies on the TBCRSC arise through the annual appointment process or for some other reason, then TBCRSC will recommend a suitable, willing candidate to the Teesmouth Bird Club Committee who will then appoint a person of their choice.

Records Procedure

The Records Sub-committee assess all records which have been submitted to the Recorder. Those records which refer to birds considered by BBRC are forwarded to 'British Birds' with any additional information which the TBCRSC may have. The decision to accept or reject the record lie entirely with the BBRC and it is the policy of the TBCRSC to abide by their decision. No records of such birds are published in the bird report unless accepted by the BBRC. Records of rare or scarce species in Cleveland are discussed by the TBCRSC. If there is more than one member unwilling to support the record it will be rejected. It must be stressed that a rejected record does not necessarily mean that a bird has been mis-identified, but often that there is not enough detail in the record to convince all members of the committee. Records of common birds are passed straight to the compilers for inclusion in the report. If there are records which do not fall into the established pattern of occurrence for the year then they will be discussed by the other members of the TBCRSC, with the possibility of asking the observer for more information.

Committee Structure

(birds seen
from 1/1/19)
Alan Crossley
32 Sledwick Rd
TS23 3HU

Mobile 07801751952

Email: alancrossley11@outlook.com
(birds seen
before 1/1/19)
Tom Francis
108 Ashton Road,
Glebe Estate,
TS20 1RE

Email: mot.francis@ntlworld.com
Editor: Graeme Joynt
Compilers: Mark Askew, Stewart Hinley, Graeme Joynt, Mark Rowbottom
Ringing Officer: Chris Brown

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