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Using Twitter for Bird Information

Please note that I am no expert on twitter and I do not run @clevelandbirds but it is run by a club member to try and help with the spread of bird information in the area. Please note that as it is run by a single member it may be subject to delays in dissemination of information (ie damaged phone, gone on holiday, driving etc). In addition he has to be made aware of information to enable him to broadcast it via twitter. I am not sure if the person running this wants his name known so I will not add it here unless I get permission from him.

Twitter Basics

I think i'll let them explain this. To read click https://support.twitter.com/articles/215585

What Does it Cost?

Twitter is free to use and all the information sources here are also free. The only thing you need to pay for is the bandwidth you use accessing it which you would for any webpage etc

Getting Started

First you need to go to www.twitter.com and register or download the application to your smartphone and register. There is a twitter client for most modern (non basic) Mobile phones or you can access it from a PC. You can then use the same account on any device you have. You then need to start following some people...

What should I follow with my Twitter?

For starters the following may be helpful:-

@clevelandbirds - Bird information from Cleveland
@teesmouthbc - Teesmouth Bird Club
@durhambirdclub - Durham Bird Club
@rspbsaltholme - RSPB Saltholme

You can them look at these accounts to see what they are following and who is following them. If you decide you want to follow one of these people just click the "follow" button and you will also get tweets from them.

Sending info to @clevelandbirds

If you want to send a message to @clevelandbirds or let @clevelandbirds know of a sighting you just need to start your tweet with @clevelandbirds and the person running it will see the message and if suitable they can the broadcast it to all there followers. 

Alternatively, if anyone using twitter is having trouble getting the hang of it, feel free to text @clevelandbirds on 07960553172 with any info you have along with your name and they will broadcast it for you and credit you with any sightings until you learn how to use twitter 

More Rare Bird Information

@rnbuk - a LOT of national UK rare bird information. more details at - http://www.rarebirdnetwork.co.uk/
@rarevine - information on rarer UK bird sightings
@rarebirdalertuk - messages from the rarebirdalert team occasionally mentioning very rare birds
@birdguides - messages from the Birdguides team occasionally mentioning very rare birds
@spurnbirdobs - bird news from Spurn
@YCNature - Yorkshire Coast Nature news mainly focused on Filey/Flambrough area

Is it complex

No. Its a lot easier to use than you would think and you will quickly catch on when you start to use it. Plenty of birders in the area are using it so you could also try asking one for a quick lesson....


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