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Author Topic: RSPB Saltholme Access  (Read 1320 times)
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« on: November 27, 2016, 08:56:16 am »

Ideally it would be good to have all of the Saltholme reserve available for access all of the time. The reason that parts of the reserve are not open 24/7 is simply a reflection of the fact that we are on Teesside and that there are some valuable assets that I am eager to ensure remain intact.
I perfectly understand the frustrations, Saltholme is a great place and before RSPB arrived there was only at best unofficial access to some parts.
It is worth remembering that it is only part of the reserve that has restricted access. You can go to Dorman`s pool any time and if you are a key holder can get into the hide (TBC manage the key holder system). You can also go up to Greatham Creek and walk the length of Saltern Wetlands. The area at Haverton view point, the Allotment pool and the scrub area is also open all the time.
By special arrangement with TBC, we installed the Phil Stead hide and this is available from 8am every morning except Christmas Day (we actually get that day off). All those other Bank Holidays when most folk are out having a good time; we are here working ... and also having a good time by the way!
In the New Year we are offering an Early Birder ticket as an experiment that will allow RSPB members early access from 8am to those areas of the reserve that we close down. You can find out the details of the Early Birder tickets from the Saltholme visitor centre reception.
I hope that everyone can appreciate the reason why all of the reserve is not open access and take full advantage of those areas that are.
Dave Braithwaite
Senior Site Manager
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